VaporShark DNA 200 Box Mod


Available in Black only



VaporShark DNA 200 Box Mod

The VaporShark DNA 200 Box Mod follows the path blazed by the revolutionary VaporShark rDNA, improving upon the beloved design in terms of manufacturing, integrating the most advanced chip in the market in the Evolv DNA 200W, and carrying on the storied form factor. The VaporShark DNA 200 now utilizes a CNC 6031 Aluminum chassis, a first in their box mods. Each VaporShark DNA 200 now undergoes a three step finishing process, as the aluminum is first anodized black, then coated with black paint, and finished with a light rubberized coating. This dramatically improves upon the finish durability of the VaporShark’s predecessors, truly making it a sturdy, durable device. Integrated within the chassis is a 10 Watt Hour 3S Lithium Polymer battery, accessible via a user serviceable battery bay (for experienced users only). VaporShark has integrated a 2A Zip Charging system that allows for the user to fully charge the preinstalled battery pack in 90 minutes through compatible charging ports. The Evolv DNA 200 is one of the most advanced chipsets available today, featuring an outstanding 97% output efficiency, a range of 1 to 200W, full temperature control, and the most customizable output capability today with the companion software, Escribe. Escribe allows users to not only customize screen and interfacing options, but directly test and set output from the VaporShark for different atomizers and heating elements. Reentering the market with their beloved designs integrated with the latest chip, the VaporShark DNA 200 Box Mod reasserts itself as a premiere, small form factor device in the hyper competitive DNA 200 market.

DNA 200 Features:

  • 1 to 200W Output Range
    • 100W Kanthal Range (Able to be changed through Escribe)
    • 200W Max Temperature Range
  • 1 to 9V Output
  • 0.1 to 2.0 ohm Kanthal Resistance Range
  • 0.08 to 1.0 ohm Temperature Sensing Range
  • Temperature Range
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cell by Cell Monitoring
  • Cell Balancer
    • 1A USB Charger
  • Atomizer, Weak Battery, Temperature, Resistance, Auto Power Down, and Heat Protection
  • Escribe
    • Configure and Modify the operation of the DNA 200
  • Autosensing Temperature Resistance
  • Lock Mode
  • Stealth Mode
  • Power Lock Mode
  • Power Preset Mode
  • Resistance Lock
  • Max Temperature Adjustment
  • Efficiency
    • 97%
  • Output Current Continuous Max
    • 50A
  • Output Current Instantaneous Peak
    • 55A
  • Input Voltage
    • 9 to 12.6V
  • Input Current
    • 0.5 to 23A
  • Screen On Current
    • 18mA
  • Quiescent Current
    • 4.5mA
  • Power Down Current
    • 5uA